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Why do DC motors need to be insulated and impregnated?
Time:2021-07-13 23:06:29

A DC motor is a machine that can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. Its use has a lot to do with electricity. Without the participation of electricity, the equipment cannot be used. At the same time, electricity is also dangerous. The good ones are for our use. For this reason, the machine must be insulated and impregnated. What is the reason for this?


  1. Improve mechanical strength

  After being impregnated with insulating varnish, all insulating parts, surfaces of insulating materials and pores of the DC motor are immersed in insulating varnish and bonded into a whole to improve the mechanical strength of the winding and increase the resistance of the winding to various stresses, thereby improving The service life of the motor.

  2. Improve the thermal conductivity and heat resistance of the winding

  After dipping, let the insulating varnish fill the micropores and capillaries of each insulating material, as well as all the air gaps, then the thermal conductivity will be greatly improved, because the thermal conductivity of the insulating varnish is 5 times that of air. The temperature rise of the ordinary dipping motor can be 10K lower than that of the motor without dipping, and the temperature rise of the vacuum dipping motor is 5K lower than that of the ordinary dipping motor.

  3. Improve the ability of the winding to resist the external environment

  The dipping treatment of DC motor windings can slow down the corrosion rate of the external environment.

  4. Improve electrical strength

  After the motor insulation is impregnated, the space of the air is replaced with insulating varnish, which improves the dielectric coefficient and the ability to withstand electric field strength. In addition, after the insulating varnish fills the insulating gaps and capillary tubes, it can improve the electric field distribution and repair the weak points of the insulation. Therefore, the insulation electric strength of the DC motor is improved.


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