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How to repair the miniature geared motor when it encounters a failure? Motor rep
Time:2021-07-13 23:08:26

Micro geared motors are relatively common in the electromechanical industry, but there are still many people who don’t know the maintenance methods of the equipment very well. For the convenience of everyone’s use, **I want to introduce the maintenance methods for the equipment, let’s come together Take a look:

    The miniature geared motor needs to be inspected and protected after it is used and stopped. These also require professional knowledge. After the DC geared motor is stopped and stopped, when checking the oil level, it is necessary to cut off the power supply to prevent electric shock, and then wait for the deceleration The machine cools down, and then we have to remove the oil level plug to check if the oil is full.

    Install the oil level plug. When the oil is changed, the viscosity of the oil increases after cooling. It is difficult to drain the oil. The DC geared motor should be changed at the operating temperature, all the oil should be drained, and the oil drain plug should be installed. Inject new oil of the same grade. The amount of oil should be consistent with the installation position. Check the oil level at the oil level plug and tighten the oil level plug and breather.

    If the miniature geared motor is well protected, it will take a long time to use, so you should develop the habit of frequent inspections when using it. We know that the main reason why the geared motor cannot be started arbitrarily in a cold environment is that the geared motor will be too long in a low temperature environment. : The insulation of the geared motor is prone to cracking; the bearing grease of the geared motor freezes; the soldering tin powder of the lead red joint is replaced.

    Regular and effective maintenance of the miniature geared motor is very necessary, because this can not only reduce the occurrence of equipment failures, but also improve the efficiency and quality of the equipment, and extend the service life of the equipment!


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