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What industries can the miniature gear motor motor be used in?
Time:2021-07-13 23:05:23

The miniature geared motor motor is a small precision reducer. The size can be customized below 42mm. Shenzhen Yifeng Motor Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the research, development and production of miniature DC geared motors. At present, products are widely used in many industries such as office equipment, smart home, instrumentation, medical equipment, electronic locks, financial equipment, communication equipment, security monitoring, toys, beauty equipment, robot transmission and control. And can design special performance products according to customer needs.

1. In the field of smart home,

miniature DC gear motors are widely used in the field of smart homes in electric curtains, sweeping robots, household induction flip trash cans, electronic door locks, shutter motors, home audio-visual equipment, sweeping robots, portable air dryers, smart flips Toilet etc.

2. The field of robotics is

widely used in projects such as intelligent voice interactive robots, child escort educational robots, intelligent sweeper robots, intelligent robot adaptability, autonomous motors, and intelligent medical robots.

3. In the field of precision medical equipment,

miniature DC gear motors are widely used in insulin gearbox pumps, intelligent infusion flow controllers, intelligent massage shoe motors, massage dragon claw hand motors, minimally invasive linear cutting staplers, self-setting knife gearbox motors, etc. In the device.

4. The field of automobile drive is

widely used in automobile tailgate electric push rod motor, electric window motor, cable tailgate motor, automobile headlight adjustment motor, automobile wiper motor, rearview mirror adjustment motor, sunroof adjustment motor, electronic parking system Driving system and other automotive drive components.

5. Micro DC gear motors in the field of electronic products and personal care equipment are

widely used in mobile phone front camera rotating motors, beauty equipment motors, nano water replenishment equipment motors, electric toothbrush motors, automatic hair curler motors, smart mouse motors, and smart electric rotating heads. Project equipment products such as motors.


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