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The main function and development trend of DC geared motor
Time:2021-07-13 23:09:07

With the development of mankind, with the convenience that electricity has brought to everyone, human beings in today's society are inseparable from knowing the relevant electricity. Motors are all components related to electrical appliances. Today Yifeng Motor will introduce DC geared motors to everyone.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the technology of geared motors in the world has been greatly developed, and it is closely integrated with the development of new technological revolutions. The development trends of general geared motors are as follows:

1. High water quality and high performance. Cylindrical gears use the latest production and processing technology to achieve the characteristics of small size, light weight, low noise, high efficiency and high reliability.

2. Building block type combination design. The basic parameters adopt the priority number, the size specifications are neat, and the parts are universal and interchangeable.

3. Diversified types and many deformation designs. Get rid of the traditional single base installation method, add many installation methods, such as hollow shaft suspension, etc., expand the use range of the geared motor.

The DC geared motor is a power transmission mechanism that uses the speed of the gear as a converter to decelerate the number of revolutions of the motor to the required number of revolutions and obtain a larger torque . At present, in the mechanism used to transmit power and motion, the application range of the geared motor is very wide. It can be used in the mechanical transmission of various industries, such as: heavy machinery used in construction, automatic production equipment in the mechanical industry, household appliances, clocks and so on.

Advantages of DC motors

    1. The speed range of DC motor is wide, and DC motor is easy to adjust smoothly;

    2. The DC motor is overloaded, with large starting and braking torques;

    3. The DC motor is easy to control, and the DC motor has high reliability;

    4. The energy loss of DC motor is small when adjusting speed.

Disadvantages of DC motors

The commutation of the DC motor is difficult, the capacity of the DC motor is limited, and the DC motor cannot be very large.

Features of DC geared motors

A DC gear motor is an integrated body of a reducer and a motor (motor). The combined machine is called a DC gear motor. This integrated body can generally be called a gear motor or a gear motor. The DC geared motor is generally supplied as a complete set after integrated assembly by a professional DC geared motor manufacturer .

 DC geared motors are mainly divided into the following categories:

DC gear motor, high-power gear DC gear motor,

Coaxial helical gear DC reduction motor,

Parallel shaft helical gear DC reduction motor,

Spiral bevel gear DC reduction motor,

YCJ series gear DC deceleration motors, etc.

The main features of DC geared motors are as follows:

1. The DC gear motor is the crystallization of technology in the transmission industry, and the DC gear motor has a high technological content;

2. The new geared DC reduction motor saves space, the DC reduction motor is reliable and durable, the DC reduction motor can withstand a certain overload capacity, and the DC reduction motor power can meet the needs of customers;

3. The new geared DC reduction motor has low energy consumption and the DC reduction motor has superior performance;

4. The new geared DC reduction motor has low oscillation, low noise of the DC reduction motor, and high energy saving of the DC reduction motor. The DC reduction motor is made of high-quality forged steel materials. The DC reduction motor has a rigid cast iron box. come out;

5. The DC gear motor is finely processed to ensure the positioning accuracy. All of this constitutes the gear of the DC gear motor gear transmission assembly. The DC gear motor is equipped with various motors. The DC gear motor forms an electromechanical integration, and the DC gear motor completely guarantees The quality characteristics of the product's use;

6. The DC geared motor adopts a serialized and modular design, and the DC geared motor has a wide range of adaptability. At the same time, the DC geared motor can be combined with a variety of other motors, device orientation and layout plan, and any speed and various layout methods can be selected according to actual needs.

Prospects for the development of DC geared motors in my country

The development of DC gear motors in our country has a history of nearly 40 years, and DC gear motors are widely used in various fields of industry and agriculture in our country. The DC gear motor products have evolved from the cycloid pinwheel DC gear motor, the DC gear motor to the current gear DC gear motor, worm gear DC gear motor, cycloid DC gear motor, stepless speed changer, and electric drum.

From the perspective of the development of the DC gear motor industry, private DC gear motor companies in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong have developed very quickly, and they have become a new force in the DC gear motor industry. In addition, there are many DC gear motor manufacturers in Shandong Province. Some privately-owned DC geared motor enterprises with a faster development speed, after completing the original accumulation, develop strong from time to time. They closely follow the changes in the DC geared motor market, adjust the product structure of DC geared motors in real time, and improve the quality of DC geared motors from time to time. In order to strengthen the competitiveness of DC geared motors, they increased the purchase of equipment for testing DC geared motors, and implemented capital investment for DC geared motors. Their processing skills and skills have improved rapidly. They also paid attention to the cultivation and introduction of talents for DC geared motors. Enterprises have begun to develop towards standardization and standardization.


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